Whipped not whip

Whipped cream is becoming a problem.  I eat at least three bowls of it a day. To be fair, I am on a diet where I cannot eat carbs, and the small amount of carbs in whipped cream makes it an acceptable treat. But if I’m going to continue being fair, with the amount of whipped cream I’m eating regularly, I am definitely going over my carb count. But I can’t stop. Two or so weeks ago I read an article about how it’s not necessarily that carbs are bad for you, and it’s not necessarily that fat is bad for you. It’s not that either of those things are especially addicting either – apparently it’s the combination. Our bodies were built to function with healthy amounts of carbs and fats – but putting them into one delicious ice cream is addictive (and also delicious). Anyway, my point in all of this is that whipped cream is super addictive at the amounts that I’m eating it. And I seem to not be able to watch TV without whipped cream. It’s like the experience of TV is lessened when there isn’t a bowl of whipped cream and a spoon in my hand.

Anyway, one week left on this diet, and I am trying really really hard to make it worth it. This diet sucks, even with the whipped cream, but because of the whipped cream I am staying at the same weight and not losing any. So I’m miserable (ahem, being dramatic, but it does suck) for no actual reason. I don’t need to lose weight, but if I’m suffering, shouldn’t I put myself in a place where I can get something out of it?

Either way, boif and I have the perfect splurge day/Valentine’s day planned, and I am really excited. I, however, am not excited about the fact that I likely will not be able to follow through with my Valentine’s day gift. I have ordered some photos to make a collage for him but the order has been ‘processing’ for over a week. I have emailed the company numerous times but they haven’t gotten back to me.  If there was a problem with the order, I wish I could have known when I placed it so I could make other arrangements. I’m outraged at the lack of customer service, especially since this was a gift I’d been planning on and compiling stuff for for a few weeks. I typically have gift ideas early, but my follow through is really bad, and with this I actually put forth effort. Ugh, it sucks, I’m gonna have to figure something out but mostly I’m just feeling bummed and resigned that this will either cost me a lot more money than it should have, or that I won’t be able to give my boyfriend that gift that I really wanted to give him.

After writing all of that, I was so annoyed that I went and ordered the photos a different way. But I’m still pissed off. The place that hasn’t responded to me was the second place I tried ordering the photos from. The first place had a problem with my files, emailed me, and gave me a credit to their store. I should have just tried working with them because they obviously had superior service. But whatever, picking them up from Walgreens will be fine.


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