So far, so good

Ladies and gents, I have made some progress.

I’m so freaking proud of myself. I cleaned my room (I feel like I should go find my mom for validation) and it feels so good. I reorganized some stuff, moved a shelf, and have a pile of stuff ready to be dropped off at a Goodwill.  I’m currently looking online for desks (I think I’ve found one I like) and chairs. This room really doesn’t look so bad when it’s clean and organized. I don’t hate it, and I think I have some room to put some baking materials like flour, spices, etc (when this dumb diet I’m on is over).

I have a few cookbooks on my Amazon wishlist, but the other day when I mentioned them to my boyfriend, he said something about not knowing why people buy them when you can just find recipes for just about anything online. I’m thinking I might find a bunch of recipes online and print them out and put them in a binder that I already have on hand. On the other hand… there’s just something so grown up and real ‘baker’ about owning cook books. Last year for Galentine’s Day, my roommate got me a macaroni and cheese cookbook and despite the fact that I’ve only made two recipes from the book (one of these recipes is for the best brownies I’ve ever made), I love the fact that I own it. Cookbooks are so shiny and pretty and look so nice and I want them all.

Here are a few recipes that I want to try (this is how I’m keeping myself from buying a cookbook at the moment):

It’s probably about time I stop torturing myself with recipes… especially for cinnamon rolls. A few months ago, my boyfriend and I were doing a crazy diet where life sucked almost every day of the week except for one cheat day every week. On the first cheat day, I wanted the best cinnamon roll in Seattle… but no one seemed to know where that was.  We found one place that had a cinnamon roll that my boyfriend thought was amazing (to be fair it was really good) but now I want to claim that I can make the best cinnamon rolls. This will likely take a lot of trial and error.

We’re actually on another diet right now that last’s until Valentine’s Day.  No cheat days on this diet, though the day to day is far more tolerable (we’re doing the keto diet and I go crazy on fats since my body burns through them).

This is where I’m at today. Today is good. Happy Martin Luther King Day.


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