More recipes

Food is all I can think about.


Just keep writing

I don’t even have anything that I specifically want to write about. Nothing has happened (not that anything happened worth writing about in my past few posts), but I have this incredible urge to be productive. But, I don’t have the desk I ordered yet and I’m still waiting on some information before I start some art projects. This stupid diet keeps me from cooking yummy things. As much as I love watching Gossip Girl, I’m definitely not doing anything worthwhile.

While marathoning Gossip Girl, I’ve been doing some research on getting a new ‘do. I’m actually very seriously considering getting an ombre, but I can’t make up my mind. I think it would look good when I style my hair, but I don’t do that more than 3 days a week. I’m also concerned about if it’s worth the price… but it could be so cool! I don’t know, I don’t knowwww. I do want to start putting more time into my appearance – god knows I have the time and typically sleep too much already. I need something new. Something to make me feel like I’m a new person as I transition into full time at work.

Work today was kinda stressful, but in a good way. Near the end of the day I felt like I was being pulled in a few different directions, and it’s such a relief that in a little over a week, I will be there for more than three days a week. I know I’ve been working there as an accountant for over six months, but it really feels like my career is finally starting. Waiting was so hard because I was worried that waiting too long would ruin my career path, and I wouldn’t be able to step up for a really long time.  But it really looks like I’ll be able to stick out at least a few years at my current company (!!!) and if I choose to move on, I’ll have some really valuable experience with a really cool company. I’m so happy. They say you can’t have it all (at least that’s a current theme on the episode of Gossip Girl on that is on as I write this), but now that I am in a good place in my career, there are no excuses for building friendships.

Boof. I’m worried that all entries on this blog are just gonna be me talking about things I want to do that I am ‘unable’ to do for a few weeks for certain reasons.

I really do have some craft plans though.

More recipes

So unlike me to post more than two entries a day, but this is mainly a great place for me to store recipes that I want to try


I should probably start thinking about going to bed. Food.

So far, so good

Ladies and gents, I have made some progress.

I’m so freaking proud of myself. I cleaned my room (I feel like I should go find my mom for validation) and it feels so good. I reorganized some stuff, moved a shelf, and have a pile of stuff ready to be dropped off at a Goodwill.  I’m currently looking online for desks (I think I’ve found one I like) and chairs. This room really doesn’t look so bad when it’s clean and organized. I don’t hate it, and I think I have some room to put some baking materials like flour, spices, etc (when this dumb diet I’m on is over).

I have a few cookbooks on my Amazon wishlist, but the other day when I mentioned them to my boyfriend, he said something about not knowing why people buy them when you can just find recipes for just about anything online. I’m thinking I might find a bunch of recipes online and print them out and put them in a binder that I already have on hand. On the other hand… there’s just something so grown up and real ‘baker’ about owning cook books. Last year for Galentine’s Day, my roommate got me a macaroni and cheese cookbook and despite the fact that I’ve only made two recipes from the book (one of these recipes is for the best brownies I’ve ever made), I love the fact that I own it. Cookbooks are so shiny and pretty and look so nice and I want them all.

Here are a few recipes that I want to try (this is how I’m keeping myself from buying a cookbook at the moment):

It’s probably about time I stop torturing myself with recipes… especially for cinnamon rolls. A few months ago, my boyfriend and I were doing a crazy diet where life sucked almost every day of the week except for one cheat day every week. On the first cheat day, I wanted the best cinnamon roll in Seattle… but no one seemed to know where that was.  We found one place that had a cinnamon roll that my boyfriend thought was amazing (to be fair it was really good) but now I want to claim that I can make the best cinnamon rolls. This will likely take a lot of trial and error.

We’re actually on another diet right now that last’s until Valentine’s Day.  No cheat days on this diet, though the day to day is far more tolerable (we’re doing the keto diet and I go crazy on fats since my body burns through them).

This is where I’m at today. Today is good. Happy Martin Luther King Day.

Whoa, hi there 2015

I know, I know, I know. I’ve had like five blogs in my life. I never write any of them consistently. I’m going to promise to do that this time. What are the chances I’ll actually follow through? But I promise! This time is different than every other blog I’ve started. This time it’s different.

Here’s my plan: I write about whatever the hell I want. I had one blog for emotions, one where I listed things I liked everyday, and I even tried to start one about finances (apparently I think 6 months of being an accountant makes me an expert). This blog isn’t a New Years resolution, this blog is me wanting to write but never being able to decide what I want to write about.

Today I want to write about what I want for this year. I just graduated about 6 months ago, my first student loan payment officially exits my bank account tomorrow, and despite the fact that my part time job had just became a full time positions (hell yeah), I’ve never felt so unstable. There are so many decisions that I’ll have to make with a larger income.  Today I decided not to move out of my less-than-ideal housing situation because I somehow came to the conclusion that it’s more important for me to have extra money to save (adult decisions!).

Because of this decision not to move, I have decided to work harder at making my current room a place I enjoy more. First up, clearing out all the pointless stuff I have. I have two bags of clothes that I decided to donate two months ago but still haven’t taken to the Good Will.  It’s like I’m trying to hate where I am living.

Next upL baking! I like in a house with two other girls, and for some reason I am nervous to use the kitchen. Additionally, there isn’t a lot of room for me to store items for baking goods, so I’m hoping the cleaning spree will clear up some shelves in my room in which I can store flour, sugar, spices, etc. I am going to become a baking master. Pictures to come.

I’d also like to become crafty. Nothing too hard, just easy painting, gluing, and etc. This will mean I need a small table and chair, which will ALSO help me get better about working at home. Sitting on my bed and working hasn’t been working out super well.

And now that I’ve gotten all of that out of my system on a website that no one will ever see, I can get started on all of it.